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Glaiza de Castro and Nagbabagang Luha Cast Rubberized Silkscreen T-Shirts by ChampTailors

PRODUCT: ChampExpress T-shirt

About Glaiza De Castro’s Nagbabagang Luha

Glaiza De Castro is known for her intimidating rival roles in many Philippines movies and series. In fact, her favorite color is Red – which aside from love, also symbolizes anger, vigor, and war. Glaiza De Castro started her acting journey in the GMA network way back in 2011. She is also a great singer and has so far released four albums.

Today, her popular and lead role in Nagbabagong Luha – a revamp based on a 1988 Filipino film with the same title, gained a lot of positive reviews. Glaiza De Castro starred as Maria Theresa “Maita” Ignacio-Montaire with his leading man Rayver Cruz. The story goes to as an 8 years’ marriage of a couple who was estranged because of ambivalence. The series ended on October 2021 with a total of 72 episodes.

If you want to see and follow the career of Ms. Glaiza De Castro, you can follow her Instagram ( as she’s most active on the said social media app.

About ChampExpress T-shirt for Glaiza De Castro

The main fabric used on the t-shirts is Softex type. This fabric is just like cotton, with its ability to absorb moisture and give comfort to the wearer. The breathability and durability of Softex make it perfect for those people who don’t want to wear plain, low-quality clothes. It’s also known for being hypoallergenic and weather-proof – which makes it perfect for the climate we have in the country!

Rubberized Silkscreen is known for being the perfect partner for Softex shirts. This is because the fabric absorbs the ink of the print more readily than any other man-made fabric. The level of vibrancy, color, and thickness of Rubberized Silkscreen are some of the many advantages of using it as the mode of print. It’s also recognized for being the most economical way to print designs and logos. That’s the reason why it can leave a lasting impression on every t-shirt.

Individual Clear Packaging is used to give the primal protection the t-shirts need during the delivery period. It also prevents it from having any residual, dirt, or damages that may ruin the quality of the ChampExpress T-shirts. Individual Clear Packaging has been a popular container for products that need to be protected from humidity and heat. It’s also environmentally friendly so it’s a win-win situation between Mother Earth and you!

Detailed product description of ChampExpress T-shirt for Glaiza De Castro

Product Category:                ChampExpress

Product:                                 ChampExpress T-Shirt

Main Fabric:                          Softex T-shirt

Method of Print:                    Rubberized Silk Screen

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging


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