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Genesis ChampExpress Shirt for Liberty Insurance

PRODUCT: ChampExpress Shirt with Rubberized Silkscreen print

About Liberty Insurance:

Liberty Insurance Corporation has been a partner of the people when it comes to protecting assets, property, or getting out of financial risks and losses since 1953. And throughout those years, this non-life insurance company continues its unwavering commitment to helping ease the financial mishaps of Filipinos – especially this time of the pandemic. Indeed, the security and reliability of Liberty Insurance created better opportunities for those with little hopes and dreams.

With Liberty Insurance, you can #LiveWorryFree. This is because their services contain insurances for personal accidents, marine, LibertyMoms, Kasambahays’, people with a terminal illness of COVID-19, and many more.

To find out more about how Liberty Insurance can help you, visit their website at

About Liberty Insurance’s Genesis ChampExpress Shirt

The main fabric of Liberty Insurance’s ChampExpress Shirt is Genesis. The latter is known for its heavy-duty surface abrasion. Being 54% cotton and 46% polyester, this fabric has a high breaking strength and extraordinary seam slippage compared to other seating fabrics you can find out there. More so, Genesis fabric is a GREENGUARD Gold certified for low chemical and particle emissions, making ChampExpress Shirt a reducer to the environmental impact of textiles. 

Rubberized Silkscreen is used for the printing of ChampExpress shirts. The main advantage of this mode of printing is the unique result it creates. Each of the finished patterns is very durable and the colors are exceptionally vivid which is perfect for outdoor uses. It’s undeniable that the shirts are made through a unique reproduction technique and on condition of high-quality printing than just digital prints.

Individual clear packaging is used to attain Liberty Insurance’s brand recognition and uniqueness. It also gave the company an opportunity to choose among a wide range of design options for the packaging of shirts. The clear packaging also provides great visibility and keeps the product from any grime during the delivery period.

Ms. Frizzle Anne, the marketing manager of Liberty Insurance personally recommends these top-quality yet affordable ChampExpress shirts. She also added that the customer service personnel of ChampTailors are reliable and cool. Because of satisfaction after the last-minute order (2 weeks prior) of 3,000 pieces ChampExpress shirts, the company also entrusted ChampTailors with their corporate jackets for Christmas giveaways.

Detailed product description of Liberty Insurance’s ChampExpress Shirt:

Product Category:                ChampExpress

Product:                                 Genesis 7900 ChampExpress Shirt

Main Fabric:                          Genesis 7900

Method of Print:                    Rubberized Silkscreen

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  Liberty Insurance

Photo Credit:                         Liberty Insurance