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Geely – Making Refined Cars for Everyone. Embroidered Polo Shirts by ChampTailors

PRODUCT: ChampExpress Umbrella

About Geely

Geely Auto Group is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in China. A lot of people considered Geely as a good all-around option in the market compared to other carmakers. The most exciting part? Geely is known for actively investing in scientific research and development of the car industry, as well as training and developing personnel.

One of the many missions of this company is to provide refined cars for everyone. And ever since Geely was found, they are committed to pursuing that mission. No wonder why the company has been recognized as China’s leading privately-owned automotive brand.

If you want to know more interesting facts about this dynamic automotive brand, just visit Geely’s website at:

About ChampExpress Umbrella for Geely

Most umbrellas you can find out there are composed of Nylon because it’s the best choice for lightweight and waterproof rain or sun protection. It also offers UV protection, is weather-resistant, and is known for being durable. But when talking about the ChampExpress Umbrella, the main fabric used is Nylon Taffeta. The latter is known for its innovative and advantageous features such as being tear-free, breathable, and washable. Meaning, you are not just getting the benefits of plain and ordinary Nylon fabric, but more! More importantly, Nylon Taffeta is stronger and flame retardant compared to Polyester.

Rubberized Silkscreen is used as the mode of printing for these umbrellas. This type of printing is known for reducing pinholes, increasing the mesh life of the product, and giving better ink penetration on any garment. Screen printing is considered the traditional printing method for umbrellas. While Rubberized Silkscreen is more of an innovated and high-quality way. This is the reason why ChampExpress Umbrellas are treated with attention to detail – making Geely’s brand achieve promotional purposes. These umbrellas not just protect the user from the sun or rain, but also a hassle-free way to broaden the brand recognition of the company!

Individual Clear packaging is used on each umbrella. It serves as the protection of the product from physical impact such as hitting and bruising. It also allows the umbrella to reach the user in the most economical way possible. More importantly, this kind of packaging will prevent the product from any residue or dirt during the delivery period.

Detailed product description of ChampExpress Umbrella for Geely

Product Category:                ChampExpress

Product:                                 ChampExpress Umbrella for Geely

Main Fabric:                          Nylon Taffeta

Method of Print:                    Rubberized Silkscreen

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  Geely

Photo Credit:                         Geely