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PRODUCT: ChampLuxe Button Down

About Chevrolet

When talking about vehicles, one of the brands that will first likely come across our minds is Chevrolet. The company has been a major part of automobile brands in the Philippines. And it’s no doubt that Chevrolet produces popular, affordable, and high-performance cars.

Even the customer service of Chevrolet leads to the utmost satisfaction. One of the exclusive importers and distributors of Chevrolet in the Philippines is The Covenant Car Company Inc. or TCCCI. The latter is a proud Filipino-owned company and is appointed by General Motors Southeast Asia Operations.

The famous trademark “bow tie” logo of Chevrolet indeed grows to a lot of car enthusiasts. So if you want to know more about the company, just go to their website at

About ChampTailors’ Luxe Button Down

This Luxe Button Down is primarily made of cotton shirting fabric – a material that is known for its breathable and highly-absorbent factors. Meaning, it will transmit the moisture away from the skin and remove any liquid we may confront in our everyday living. Its ability to control moisture is perfect for the weather we have in the Philippines. It also insulates, is hypoallergenic, and is a piece of durable special fabric. Moreover, cotton shirting fabric is perspiration-ready so it will help to keep you dry naturally!

Aside from comfort, hypoallergenic, durability, and insulation is given by cotton fabric, it’s also weatherproof. Cotton fabrics can easily be manufactured into weather-resistant clothes while maintaining the comfort and breathability of the finished product.

The mode of printing used for the product is Digital Embroidery. Not only it’s cost-effective, but the longevity and durability of embroidered button-downs are highly recommended! Because let’s all face it, no one wants simple and unexciting clothes nowadays. That’s why a custom professionally embroidered button-down is the key. Also, the natural fabric of the product has been taken into account – meaning, the best option to tight weave fabric like this is digitalized embroidery.

Packaging used for ChampTailors’ Luxe Button Down is individual and clear. This kind of packaging maintains to showcase the product while protecting it from any residue or dirt during the delivery period. Individual clear packaging is also environmentally-friendly and gives the consumer an idea of what they are getting.

Detailed product description of ChampLuxe Button Down

Product Category:                ChampLuxe

Product:                                 ChampLuxe Button Down

Main Fabric:                          Cotton Shirting

Method of Print:                    Digitalized Embroidery

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  Chevrolet

Photo Credit:                         Chevrolet