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#ExpectExtraordinary MG Philippines. Polo Jacket Uniform by ChampTailors

PRODUCT: ChampLuxe Button Down

About MG

MG Motor, also known as Morris Garage, is a British company known for its sports cars and mini cars. The company was founded by Cecil Kimber in 1924. Many car enthusiasts are fond of MG because of the reliability, quality, and great features it brings to every vehicle. In fact, the model MG Hector is proven to be a great SUV and was launched last year.

Today, the company has a mission to provide affordable and surprisingly excellent cars. They also want to innovate the level of ride and comfortability by improving interior appointments and the style of the cars. Indeed, the time to experience the rebirth of this automotive icon is now.

MG Motor Philippines is available to stimulate the driving senses you have. So make sure to check the latest offers from MG Philippines. To know more about their great deals and the latest models they have, go to their website at:

About Polo Jacket Uniform by ChampTailors

The main fabric uses for these Polo Jacket Uniforms for MG is Cotton shirting. This fabric is known for being breathable and highly-absorbent material. It is also hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about some factors that can irritate your skin. Cotton also has the ability to prevent the wearer from having too much moisture – especially since we live in a tropical country where sweating is not new! Cotton fabrics are also known for being easily manufactured into weather-resistant clothes. Meaning, the comfort, and perspiration-ready material is maintained up until the finished product.

The most important part, cotton shirting fabric can insulate and therefore control the moisture our skin may encounter.

Digital Embroidery is used to print the preferred design of MG. The quality and durability of this mode of printing are Grade A. Not only that but the attention-grabbing and elaborated stencil it gives to any garment is highly recommended. Digital Embroidery is also recognized for being cost-effective and can be professionally customized. Especially since the fabric used on the Polo Jacket is a natural and tight weave, it’s important to make sure that the printing is suitable on it.

Individual Clear Packaging is used for each Polo Jacket Uniform. This is to give a heads up to the wearer on what they are about to receive and to also showcase the brand of MG. More importantly, the packaging is environmentally friendly and protects the product from any dirt during the delivery period.

Detailed product description of ChampLuxe Button Down

Product Category:                ChampLuxe

Product:                                 ChampLuxe Button Down

Main Fabric:                          Cotton Shirting

Method of Print:                    Digitalized Embroidery

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  MG Motors

Photo Credit:                         MG Motors