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Direct to Garment ChampExpress T-shirt for Tirso Ripoll by ChampTailors

PRODUCT: ChampExpress T-shirt

About Tirso Ripoll

This Spanish-American musician has been changing the face of the Asian music scene since the early 1990s. His iconic rock group – Razorback, formed in the same year and was originally known for being regulars at a club in Makati, City named now-defunct Kalye. Aside from being a local band, they also performed at many full-scale concerts and have been an open-band for Silverchair, Rage Against the Machine, and Metallica.

Tirso Ripoll and Razorback’s first song is “Highway to Hell”. The latter was made by the group with Tirso, Miguel, and David as the line-up, while Junus and Isabel Lozano as the bassist and vocalist. The original name of the back was in fact not “Razorback”. It’s Outrider, and they began their first gig at Big Bang, Alabang with that name. Presently, Razorback released another single called “Bubog sa Aspalto”. And the current members of the band are Tirso, Manuel, Francis, Kevin, and Marco.

If you are a fan of Tirso Ripoll, you can get more information about him on his socials. Moreover, if you want to know more about the Razorback, you can follow their Instagram on

About ChampExpress T-shirt for Tirso Ripoll

The main fabric of the t-shirts is Genesis 7900. This fabric is highly recognized for the heavy-duty surface abrasion it gives. It is also made of 54% cotton and 46% polyester so the high-breaking strength and extraordinary seam slippage of this fabric are truly extraordinary. Genesis 7900 is also widely used for being a GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low chemical and particle emissions. Meaning, the t-shirts made of this fabric are environmentally friendly.

The mode of printing used is Direct-to-Garment. The flexibility, unrivaled quality, and eco-friendly are just some of the many benefits of this printing. It also has a straightforward printing process – making it cost-effective. Direct-to-Garment printing also produces vibrant and popping detailed designs, which makes ChampExpress T-shirts stand out from the crowd! Being eco-friendly, Direct-to-Garment printing reduces wastage of your business – one of the committed values of ChampTailors. 

Individual Clear Packaging is used on each of the T-shirts. This is to avoid getting any residue or dirt during the delivery period. With Individual Clear Packaging, it will prevent the product from any damages due to humidity and heat. This type of packaging also makes the product more visible and recognizable.

Detailed product description of ChampExpress T-shirt for Tirso Ripoll

Product Category:                ChampExpress

Product:                                 ChampExpress T-Shirt

Main Fabric:                          Genesis 7900

Method of Print:                    Direct to Garment

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  Tirso Ripoll

Photo Credit:                         Tirso Ripoll