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Digitally Embroidered Utility Jackets for Sherilyn Tan from Champtailor’s Luxe Collection.

PRODUCT: ChampLuxe Utility Jacket

About Mrs. Sherilyn Tan

The persona of Philippine TV Entertainment will never be this extraordinary without Sherilyn Tan. Since then, her acting career has been followed by many people and played a lot of major roles that changed the rim of television series and movies. Because of her passionate love for acting, she managed to get her way through college while dabbling her career. Right now, she is a proud mother and wife to Chris Tan – a former basketball player.

Sherilyn Tan also owns Brand Café in Manila and started a new forte of being a parenting blogger. She uses Mama Shey as her name in her blogs about being a hands-on mom on three children and documenting all her family adventures.

A mom, wife, blogger, businesswoman, and actress. Truly, there’s nothing a woman can’t do! If you want to know more about Mrs. Sherilyn Tan, you can be one of her 291,000 followers on Instagram!

About ChampLuxe Utility Jacket for Mrs. Sherilyn Tan

The main fabric used on the utility jackets is Japanese Twill – a fabric that is recognized for being suitable on any clothes without compromising its durability and quality. It also soils less compared to plain-weave fabrics. Japanese Twill wears well and has good resistance to wrinkling too! With this fabric, you won’t have to worry about showing dirt and stains. It can also resist extreme tearing, creases, and provide warmth during cold weather!

Japanese Twill fabric is partnered with Digital Embroidery to print the designs of the Utility Jackets. This mode of printing can convert complex designs into reality and is known for being extremely durable. It can also survive many washes and create the best out of the designs even on thicker garments like jackets. Digital Embroidery is also recognized for its longevity which makes it cost-effective compared to the traditional method.

ChampLuxe Utility Jacket also has a Standard Silk Lining. The latter is known for giving a cooler feeling to the wearer as it retains heat or cold – making it perfect for year-round wearing! Standard silk also has moisture-wicking properties that keep the wearer dry at all times.

Individual Clear Packaging is used to maintain the cleanliness of the jackets before it arrives at Mrs. Sherilyn Tan. This type of packaging also gives protection from any dirt or damages during the transportation period. It is also environmentally friendly since we believe in helping to reduce the wastage of the planet.

Detailed product description of ChampLuxe Utility Jacket for Mrs. Sherilyn Tan

Product Category:                ChampLuxe

Product:                                 ChampLuxe Utility Jacket

Main Fabric:                          Japanese Twill

Method of Print:                    Digital Embroidery

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Lining:                                    Standard Silk

Design:                                  Sherilyn Tan

Photo Credit:                         Sherilyn Tan