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Digital Embroidery for Abrie Events x ChampTailors’ ChampExpress Polo Shirt Line

PRODUCT: ChampExpress Polo Shirt

About Abrie Events and VIP Services

Let’s all admit that we want to go to a party or two. It reduces stress, allows you to breathe for a while, and lets you catch up with friends. But if you’re the hostess, planning a small gathering, parties, or major occasions can be so nerve-wracking. Lucky for you, Abrie Events and VIP Services is composed of party planner experts that will turn your plain, traditional party into a dreamlike occasion! They are also perfect for both corporate and social events. So worry no more, because with Abrie, you can just tell your budget, ideas, and laid back while you’re watching as they bring everything to life for you!

Abrie Events and VIP Services have over 12,500 followers on Instagram – so we can truly say that they’re great at what they do and have been trusted by a lot of people. So from concerts, weddings, birthdays, or even virtual events, Abrie got you!

If you have a party in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Abrie Events and VIP Services through their social media accounts. Just search for Abrie Events on Facebook or Instagram and message them.

About ChampExpress Polo Shirt for Abrie Events and VIP Services

The main fabric of the product is the Lifeline Polo shirt – a premium fabric that is made from a classic pique knit texture given with a slim fit so it’s perfect to be an employee uniform. This kind of fabric is made with combined cotton and polyester so it will have a cooler feeling when worn. It also doesn’t shrink after washing many times – a reason why Abrie Events use this for casual yet dressy workdays. They are also fond of polo shirts because of their uniqueness, uniformity, and the identity it gives to the service they give. With ChampExpress Polo Shirt for your brand, you can just partner it with cargo-shirts or denim bottom, and you’ll have the look of expensiveness!

Digital Embroidery partnered with Lifeline polo shirt fabric is just perfect because this type of printing can convert your company’s complex designs into a reality. And since Digital Embroidery is known for following the needle’s path, it’s extremely durable and can survive a lot of washes. Truly, this printing will give you the best out of your designs – and it’s even compatible with thicker garments!

Individual Clear Packaging is used on these polo shirts to give primary protection to each of them. It will also keep the products from any residue, dirt, and damage during the transportation period. This type of packaging is also environmentally friendly so you won’t have to worry about hurting the planet!

The owner of the Abrie Events and VIP Services personally recommend ChampExpress Polo Shirts because of the quality and value it gives you. No wonder why this startup has been a client of ChampTailors from year 1 to year 3 of their business!

Detailed product description of ChampExpress Polo Shirt for Abrie Events and VIP Services

Product Category:                ChampExpress

Product:                                 ChampExpress Polo Shirt

Main Fabric:                          Lifeline Polo Shirt

Method of Print:                    Digital Embroidery

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  Abrie Events and VIP Services

Photo Credit:                         Abrie Events and VIP Services