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Department of Budget and Management Premium Custom Jackets

PRODUCT: ChampLuxe Corporate Jacket

About Department of Budget and Management

The country’s allocation of funds is led by the Department of Budget and Management. All the public expenditures to improve the quality of life of every Filipino are also handled by this civic organization. The agency is also accountable to prepare the budget since the institutional history birth of the Budget Commission dates back to 1936.

As of now, the agency has over 500+ employees and has strengthened the planning and programming of the regionalized budget of the Philippines. It also ensures the efficient and sound utilization of government resources to achieve the developmental objectives of the country.

To know more about the Department of Budget and Management, visit their website on the link below.

About the DBM’s ChampLuxe Corporate Jacket

Premium microfiber is used as the main fabric of corporate jackets. This type of fabric is breathable and has strong resistance to stain – making it the perfect workwear jacket. Compared to cotton, premium microfiber is clearly more superior according to clothes cleaning experts. This is because this fabric has sturdy durability and achieves the desirable wicking effect of any apparel. The advantage of the latter is it takes away the moisture of the apparel on our skin, no wonder why most summer clothes are made with premium microfiber.

The type of lining used in the DBM’s ChampLuxe corporate jacket is Standard Silk, which is also popular for its breathability and moisture absorption. And knowing that we are in a tropical country, standard silk promotes good air circulation and rapid evaporation of the excessive skin moisture we may encounter due to hot weather. So say no more to climate irritability when at work! Because ChampLuxe corporate jackets retain heat in the warmth and replace it with a cooler feeling – making it an ideal for year-round wearing!

The designs and final touches of the jackets are made through Digitalized Embroidery. The latter has many reasons why it’s perfect for branded clothing. The first is it’s made to keep long-lasting outlines on the jackets. Next is it’s flexible to any kind of fabric. Third, it gives the apparel a more elegant look. And last, the style of choices you can do with embroidery is just limitless.

Individual Clear Packaging is provided on each jacket. This is to prevent a piece of it from getting any residual during the delivery period while keeping the name recognition of the Department of Budget and Management.

Detailed product description of Department of Budget and Management Premium Custom Jackets:

Product Category:                ChampLuxe

Product:                                 ChampLuxe Corporate Jacket

Main Fabric:                          Premium microfiber

Lining:                                   Standard Silk

Method of Print:                    Digitalized Embroidery

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  Department of Budget and Management

Photo Credit:                         Department of Budget and Management