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ChampTailors’ Limitless Sublimation V-Neck for CLNMG Entertainment

PRODUCT: ChampLimitless V-neck


Entertainment has been a part of our lives for many centuries now. It causes us to release our stress in the meantime and focus on participating in any fun activities. Truly, Entertainment can bring a degree of happiness to our lives. And we, at ChampTailors, believed that CLNMG Entertainment brings the edge of letting people engage and increase their energy through amusements – specifically gaming.

CLNMG Entertainment is a talent agency that aims to discover all over the nation and promote it to the entertainment industry. They are also an expert to offer lots of services to their talents to help them grow and foster their needs to become extraordinary players. And to encourage others to take part in their missions, CLNMG Entertainment loves to throw giveaways and fun events!

If you want to know more about this prestigious talent agency and how you can become one of them, you can like and follow their Facebook page at

About ChampLimitless V-neck

The main fabric of ChampLimitless V-neck for CLNMG Entertainment is Polyester Spandex. The latter is recognized for its durability and softness. It also has a feature of solid resistance to shrinking and wrinkles so you won’t have to worry about any of it! Also, this fabric is considered to be the best for clothes because of its strong fibers that don’t wear down easily – giving you an opportunity to use it from day to day living and wash it many times.

Sublimation has a long-lasting color and the prints can’t be easily scratched. That’s the reason why this mode of printing is used for the V-neck. Sublimation is also known for giving the fabric a soft feel and durability at all wears. Its prints don’t easily crack, peel, or just fade. With the fine lines, attention to detail, and durability of sublimation, it’s still environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. Indeed, Sublimation is one of the best methods for overall printing.

Each of the ChampLimitless V-neck is packed with individual clear packaging to have primal protection from residue, dirt, and damages during the transportation period. It also protects the product from humidity, heat, and light to assure that every product will be in perfect condition once it arrives at the wearer. The great part? Individual clear packaging is environmentally friendly so you won’t have to worry about negatively affecting the planet! 

No wonder why CLNMG Entertainment was amazed at how great the products are and the amazing service they received from ChampTailors!

Detailed product description of ChampLimitless V-neck for CLNMG Entertainment

Product Category:                ChampLimitless

Product:                                 ChampLimitless V-neck

Main Fabric:                          Polyester Spandex

Method of Print:                    Sublimation

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  CLNMG Entertainment

Photo Credit:                         CLNMG Entertainment