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ChampLuxe Digitally Embroidered Windbreaker Jackets for PhilFIDA

PRODUCT: ChampLuxe Windbreaker Jacket

About PhilFida:

The Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority or PhilFIDA is an agency under the Philippine Department of Agriculture. The organization is responsible to promote the growth and development of the fiber industry in the Philippines. Without the latter, domestic production of high quality polyester staple fiber through the use of modern technology won’t be possible.

They also develop the said industry through research and development, production support, education, and training services.

Indeed, the work of PhilFIDA is important to the evolution of the country since they implement the standard, supports local production, and the conditions of trade regulation. If you want to know more about the agency and its officials, you can visit their website at

About ChampLuxe Windbreaker Jacket for PhilFIDA

Being the promoter of high quality fiber in and outside the country, Diamond Ripstop is the main fabric used for the windbreaker jackets. It is a sustainable polyester that is made from recycled PET bottles. These bottles are an effective solution to reduce plastic waste – while still creating a lightweight and multipurpose fabric for clothes. Diamond Ripstop fabric is also breathable and waterproof, perfect for the on-the-go government employees of PhilFIDA!

To maintain and give detailed designs to the jackets, digital embroidery is used. It is also best for thin garments yet still produces a long lasting jacket. And unlike traditional methods of printing, digital embroidery won’t wear off, fade, or even peel. It can also withstand often laundering and exposure to high temperatures.

The lining used is Standard Silk, giving a cooler feeling to the wearer of the jackets. It also retains heat or cold – making it perfect for year-round wearing! Most importantly, Standard silk has moisture-wicking properties that will keep you dry at all times.

Individual Clear Packaging is used to maintain the cleanliness of the windbreaker jackets. Having this type of packaging also protects the product from humidity during the delivery period. Also, it will give the product receiver an idea of what to receive! Essentially, we at ChampTailors believed that packaging must be environmentally friendly to help reduce waste, just like what PhilFIDA is doing.

Detailed product description of ChampLuxe Windbreaker Jacket for PhilFIDA

Product Category:                ChampLuxe

Product:                                 ChampLuxe Windbreaker Jacket

Main Fabric:                          Diamond Ripstop

Method of Print:                    Digital Embroidery

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Lining:                                    Standard Silk

Design:                                  The Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority or PhilFIDA

Photo Credit:                         The Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority or PhilFIDA