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ChampLuxe Digitally Embroidered T-Shirts for Die Hard Sneakerheads

PRODUCT: ChampLuxe T-shirt

About DHS

Die Hard Sneakerheads started in 2015 on Facebook. DHS Provides its members access to limited and hard to find shoes and sneakers.

The Die Hard Sneakerheads Facebook group serves as a venue where people from different places are able to buy, sell, and trade sneakers as well as other goods.

The DHS community has grown and established itself as its own brand and they offer quality merchandise on their website

About ChampLuxe T-shirts

The main fabric used on the T-shirts is 100% cotton. This fabric has lots of benefits including better cooling, hypoallergenic, and extreme durability. Moreover, odors can be a problem for other fabrics. But with 100% cotton, you won’t have to worry and be self-conscious. This is since the fabric is an all-natural material, meaning, it’s from cotton plants and processed through gins that prevent sweat pooling on your chest, back, and armpits. In addition, 100% cotton is super soft – no wonder why a lot of baby clothing companies use this to make baby wear. And if it’s good enough for baby’s skin, then it’s definitely good for yours too!

Digital Embroidery is used to print the designs of the T-shirts. This mode of printing is made to retain the quality of the designs for years. It is proven that embroidered clothing has the potential to last a lifetime. Digital Embroidery is also flexible on any fabric. Meaning, it can be imprinted on fleeces, twill, or even the softest cotton you can see. It is indeed that Digital embroidery has taken over the technological clothing industry because of the limitless style it offers.

Individual Clear Packaging is used to protect every T-shirt from heat and humidity during transportation. And since the product is also vulnerable to damage, this packaging will help to avoid it. Preventing dirt and residue is also an advantage of using it. This packaging is also environmentally friendly and will give the receiver an idea of what’s coming!

Detailed product description of ChampLuxe T-shirt for DHS

Product Category:                ChampLuxe

Product:                                 ChampLuxe T-shirt

Main Fabric:                          100% Cotton

Method of Print:                    Digital Embroidery

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  Die Hard Sneakerheads

Photo Credit:                         Die Hard Sneakerheads