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ChampLuxe Digitally Embroidered Brushed Cotton Hoodies for Angelica Cabias

PRODUCT: ChampLuxe Hoodie Jacket

About Angelica Cabias

Being an artist takes courage to show a real creation. Artists think from their hearts with big, innovative, and visionary ideas. They contribute to the world by expanding the minds of many and revolutionizing humanity from many perspectives. Angelica Cabias – one of the renowned Filipina freelance visual artists in AC Murals.

Aside from paintings, Angelica is known for creating graphic layouts, interior designs, photography, logos, craft, costume design, flower arrangements, participating in art classes for children, and many more! Indeed, her art influences a lot of people in society and continues contributing to the instilling values of the Filipinos.

About ChampLuxe Hoodie Jacket for Angelica Cabias

The main fabric of the hoodie jackets is Brushed Cotton. The latter is meant to have raised fibers and give a softer feel to the wearer. Brushed Cotton is also known for having extreme insulation – making it a good protection for the cold! This fabric is also durable, breathable, and an easy-care too. To give you a clearer definition, this fabric is just as soft as cotton but made with elegant premium material.  Also, brushed cotton is perspiration-ready and hypoallergenic.

Digital Embroidery is used to print the design of the Hoodies. This mode of printing is cost-effective without compromising the longevity and durability of the garment – that’s why it’s the highest recommended method of embroidery! And let’s all face it, no one wants simple and unexciting jackets nowadays – the more reason why a customizable and professional-look hoodie jacket is a must. Moreover, Brushed Cotton consists of fibers that are suitable for Digital Embroidery printing.

Individual Clear Packaging is used for the ChampLuxe Hoodie Jackets. ChampTailors aims to provide an environment friendly packaging as well as protect the garments from residue or dirt during the transportation period. This type of packaging will also give that exciting moment to the wearer after receiving since it retains the brand recognition of the product.

Detailed product description of ChampLuxe Hoodie Jacket

Product Category:                ChampLuxe

Product:                                 ChampLuxe Hoodie Jacket

Main Fabric:                          Brushed Cotton

Method of Print:                    Digitalized Embroidery

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  Angelica Cabias

Photo Credit:                         Angelica Cabias