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ChampLimitless Sublimation Shirts for Team La Cathedral

PRODUCT: ChampLimitless T-Shirt

About La Cathedral

Do you want to enjoy the sunset and feel the historic vibes of Intramuros during dinner? Say no more! At La Cathedral, you can both enjoy it while sipping their famous fresh fruit smoothies. The ambiance of this restaurant is very relaxing so it’s perfect for couples, friends, and family who are longing to breathe and enjoy the weekend. It is also a nice spot for picture taking so be ready with your Instagrammable poses!

The foods are recognized as great as they have fusion cuisines on the menu. I mean, who doesn’t want to fill their tummy with good food while appreciating the Neo-Romanesque structure of Manila Cathedral. So reserve your seats now experience one of the highly recommended restaurants by many! You can also explore the walled and cobbled streets of Intramuros. A perfect date for foodies and adventurous couples!

If you want to book a table or know more about La Cathedral, you can check their Facebook profile at

About ChampLimitless T-Shirt for La Cathedral

Polyester Spandex is the main fabric used for the t-shirts. This fabric is considered the best for clothes because of its durability and softness. Its fibers are also strong so it doesn’t wear down easily – giving the wearer a lot of opportunities to use it from day to day! Solid resistance to shrinking and wrinkles are another feature of Polyester Spandex.

The mode of printing used on the T-shirts is sublimation. The latter is known for its long-lasting color and can’t be easily scratched – making the designs of the t-shirts durable at all wears. And as the designs are infused on the fabric, sublimation gives the fabric a soft feel. It is also proven that sublimation prints don’t crack, peel, or just fade. Arguably, it is one of the best methods for all-over printing. With the fine lines, attention to detail, and durability of sublimation, it’s still environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

Individual clear packaging is used to give primal protection to every t-shirt. This means that all are protected from dirt and damages that can occur during the handling, shipping, and transportation. It will also protect the product from humidity, heat, and light – assuring that the t-shirts will be in perfect condition once it’s delivered to the wearer.

Detailed product description of ChampLimitless T-Shirt for La Cathedral

Product Category:                ChampLimitless

Product:                                 ChampLimitless T-Shirt

Main Fabric:                          Polyester Spandex

Method of Print:                    Sublimation

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  La Cathedral

Photo Credit:                         La Cathedral