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ChampExpress Baseball Cap and Limitless facemask for a game-changing Big Al’s merch

PRODUCT: ChampExpress Baseball cap and Limitless facemask

About Big Al’s:

The Decadent Chocolate cake of Big Al’s is what caught the attention of big celebrities and literally all chocolate-lover persons. We can all say that the hype is real and well-deserved since the cake is recognized to be the moist and indulgent dessert you can eat. Ever since then, the owner of Big Al’s Joyce Del Rosario has had a natural and captive love for baking. Today, through word-of-mouth and overwhelming reviews, Big Al’s continues to satisfy the sweet tooth of many. Their products are always in-demand and usually sold out when there are holidays.

Thank heavens for the old-fashioned and homey sweets of Big Al’s. If you want to learn more on how they make magical desserts and how to order them, visit their social media accounts listed below.




About Big Al’s ChampExpress Baseball cap and Limitless facemask

The ChampExpress baseball cap has a fabric of Twill which is recognized because of its distinctive form and high strength. It also shows soil-less readily compared to plain-weave fabrics, making the baseball cap withstand constant wearing of the user. The durability of this fabric can make an extremely wrinkling and tear resistants’ baseball cap. 

On the other hand, the Limitless facemasks of Big Al’s are made with Polyester Spandex fabric. The latter is popular for its ability to not absorb too much moisture, holds odors, is weather-resistant, and strong material. Also, this fabric is most used in active wear, making the face masks stretchy and can retain their original shape when not worn.

Both the baseball cap and facemask are digitally embroidered. The accuracy of digitized embroidery matched the preferred designs of Big Al’s. The final output looked more appealing because of every perfect line, curve, and edge. It is without a question that embroidery designs are made to last and embellish the surface of the fabrics and therefore long lastingly showcase the brand of Big Al’s. 

The individual clear packaging of baseball caps and facemasks provided kept the product from getting any dirt during the delivery period. Especially the facemasks that needed extra care to prevent filth.

And from Jaime Del Rosario herself, daughter of Joy, the logo of their brand was well imprinted. They were even surprised that ChampTailors manage to pull it off. In addition, she said that both caps and facemasks are of high quality and the overall experience is highly recommended.

Detailed product description of Liberty Insurance’s ChampExpress Shirt:

Product Category:                ChampExpress

Product:                                 ChampExpress Baseball cap and Limitless facemask

Main Fabric:                          Twill Fabric and Polyester Spandex

Method of Print:                    Digitalized Embroidery

Packaging:                            Individual Clear Packaging

Design:                                  Big Al’s

Photo Credit:                         Big Al’s