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The ChampTailors Story

2020 was a challenging year for all. The pandemic caused the world to halt. Lockdowns were imposed. Activities were put on hold. Some businesses retrenched their team, some permanently had to close down.

We are a group of friends coming from different fields – entertainment, modeling, fashion design, information technology, and accountancy – who decided to put up a protective clothing brand specifically to serve the growing demand for stylish PPEs. Being the only one in the industry that used medical-grade protective material, we did well on our first collection. However, the pandemic affected the manufacturing company that produced our branded gears and was forced to shut down at the end of 2020.

Facing a new challenge, we contemplated on how to proceed. The most obvious route was to find a different manufacturing company. However, collectively conscious and aware, we knew that the situation was trying to convey a message. It came in a couple of days. The manufacturing company that had shut down offered to sell some of their machinery. It was an offer we found hard to refuse. We ended up getting some of the key machinery. We also absorbed some of their key personnel who had garnered experience in the garment industry for almost two (2) decades.

Thus, the birth of ChampTailors Corporation.

Every Champion Was Once A Contender That Refused To Give Up.

Rocky Balboa

Our organization is founded based on four (4) strong pillars – empowerment, love, collective efficiency, and integrity.

Our Mission is to empower and make every organization a Champion in their field by providing quality and beautifully designed apparel for everyday battle.
Inspired by great companies like Apple, we focus our energies in product research and development, product design, supply chain management, and customer service. We produce our custom apparel by “adopting” sewing communities who act as our exclusive manufacturers and outfit them with machineries and implement modern manufacturing technologies. Each and every piece of garment is examined and inspected by ChampTailors Quality and Control Department to ensure that it upholds the highest standards. This manufacturing methodology allows our organization to not only focus its energies into serving our patrons but also take part in the much needed rebuilding of livelihood of the community.
We understand that running an organization or business can be challenging. We want you to consider us as an extension of your Human Resource or Marketing Team. Not as a vendor. We want to make sure that you hit your objectives in the easiest and seamless manner. We’d be happy to sit down and take the time to discuss and recommend options that may fit your objectives. If budget is a concern, be open, and we’d be happy to figure out how to make it work. Don’t have a designer? We’d be happy to share with you our pool of experienced designers who worked for several established brands. Are your team members all working from home? We’d be happy to arrange logistics for you. Again, we are your team.
We, the founders of ChampTailors Corporation, have gone through a lot during and before the pandemic. One thing we have learned is that integrity is the only currency that appreciates. In all the things we do, we strive to deal fairly.