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Champ in a Box! Gaming Apparel Merch for Ubisoft


1. Reversible Jacket

2. Genesis 7900

3. Custom Patches

4. Notecard

5. Custom Champ Box

About Ubisoft

Ubisoft is a French multinational video game company founded in 1986 by five brothers from the Guillemot family. They are best known for their Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Watch Dogs, and Tom Clancy series of games.

Ubisoft Philippines on the other hand was established last 2016 – making it the first and only AAA game development studio in the country. The company was established to help Ubisoft grow its business in Southeast Asia. Today, Ubisoft Philippines has grown their team to around 150 game developers from Programming, Art animation, Level and 3D design, etc.

Ubisoft has been a significant player in the gaming industry ever since, and they are committed to providing players with high-quality, innovative, and diverse content.

If you want to know more about the company’s history and objectives, click this link directed to their About Page:

About Gaming Apparel Merch for Ubisoft

The gaming industry reached an all-time high because of the pandemic. For Ubisoft, gaming merch is an important part of any gaming company. It provides players with a way to show their love for the organization and also helps them to feel more connected to them.

The gaming apparel merch of Ubisoft consists of 5 items, one of which is a reversible jacket made with All American Twill. The latter is durable and known to withstand a lot of wear – making it the best fabric for reversible jackets. Also, twill is extremely tear-resistant compared to others. Meanwhile, the genesis 7900 is made of 100% Premium Cotton. This gives the wearer better cooling and hypoallergenic shirts. It’s also very durable and has a dense fabric perfect for high-quality prints.

Digital Embroidery is used to print the designs of the reversible jackets. Any embroidered apparel gives a specialized appearance to the clothes. It can also be washed many times without the risks of ruined fabric. On the genesis 7900, rubberized silkscreen is used for a long-lasting and brightly colored design.

When it comes to packaging, the custom Champ Boxes are used to give the gaming apparel merch of Ubisoft a safe container that will prevent each item from getting any dirt during the delivery period.

Overall, the procurement associate of Ubisoft – Job Garrovillas, described the items as good quality and high likely to order again.

Detailed product description of Ubisoft’s Gaming Apparel Merch

Product Category:                ChampBox

Products:                               Reversible Jacket, Genesis 7900, Custom Patches, Notecard, and Custom Champ Box

Main Fabric:                          All American Twill and 100% Premium Cotton

Method of Print:                    Digitalized Embroidery and Rubberized Silkscreen

Packaging:                            Custom Champ Box

Design:                                  Ubisoft

Photo Credit:                         Ubisoft